Sales Representitive

1, Promote the products to customers.

2, Reply all the customers’ inquiries byemail, fax or telephone call in timely manner.

3, Travel to Implement weekly and monthly meetings with customers.

4, Attend the furniture shows.

5, Analyze then report to CEO the information about the sales, product trends, customers, competitors periodically.

6, Negotiate business terms with customers.

7, Communicate with the suppliers in China to solve potential problems on production or delivery, finalize the deals.

 Product Designer

1, Must be experienced in industry design for over 2 years.

2, Good skills in photoshop, Adobe Illustrators, Coreldraw, ect.

3, Travel around to attend the furniture shows or visit customers’ stores for ideas of the newest trends and elements.

4, Assist the sales representitives to create any product design, promotional brochure, product packaging artwork, product assembly instruction, or any other necessary artwork


After-Sales Consultor

1, Answer the telephone calls from customers regarding the already sold commodities.

2, Reply the emails from customer regarding the already sold commodities in a timely manner.

3, Assist customers with any issues regarding his/her purchased products, e.g. assembly, missing accessories, defective parts, return, injury claim, etc.

4, Analyze the products defects then communicate with the manufacturers in China to make products improved

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